Mechanical Repairs

Shaft Straightening, Repairs and Replacement


Repairs and Bedding in of White Metal Bearings

White Metal Bearings can often be subjected to damage due to lack of oil, dry starts or other operational anomalies. Repair and subsequent bedding in of the bearings is completed as part of a Major or Partial overhaul workscope

Manufacture and Replacement of seals

Older manufactured machines often utilised in house bearings & seal arrangements which are no longer supported therefore RE Field Services can back engineer and update the seal designs utilising modern materials.

Bearing Replacement Rolling Element and White Metal

In the eventuality that a bearing completely fails RE Field Services can examine and identify the bearing with a modern equivalent and make any alterations that maybe required to the pedestal or housings.

Manufacture and Repair of Fans, Cowlings, Couplings, Guards and Casings

Often during service, parts wear or get damaged due to material ingress or operational incidents. Finding damaged parts during inspections, RE Field Services can repair or replace parts using modern welding and mechanical repair techniques.