In Works Overhaul

Pressure Water Cleaning

Facilities are offered within RE Field Services for the Pressure Water Cleaning of electrical equipment. Prior to any major overhaul the equipment will be thoroughly cleaned using approved  electrical detergents.

Controlled heat – Drying (Stator / Rotor)

A large stoving oven facility exists within Re Field Services capable of  controlled Drying processes on large stators & Rotors up to 6m in length.

Painting, Dip and Spray Varnishing

Utilising modern approved paints and varnishes machines can be overhauled and dipped within the facility

Controlled Paint Removal – Soda Blasting

Environmentally friendly techniques of soda blasting allows the paint to be removed and any integral cracks or deformations become clearly visible without evident change in the structure.

Rotor End Bell – Repairs and Replacement

The removal of the turbo generator rotor end bells and steel wedges requires to be conducted under controlled conditions utilising bespoke equipment and processes.

The end bells will then be tested ultrasonically to determine their long term fitness for use and reinsulated.

Windings can be cleaned to remove carbon and other contaminants and damaged insulations and blocking supports can be repaired or replaced.

RSO Diagnostic testing can be conducted throughout all stages of the process.

Re – Wedging

Applicable to both Stator & Rotors the wedges can be mapped and replaced as required. Modern materials and techniques can elongated the life of the machine and reduce potential downtime.

Concentricity Testing

Vibration on machines can often be caused by bowing or hogging of the shaft. Concentricity testing is completed on Generator & Motor rotors of all speeds and sizes.

Inspection and Testing of Rotor Bars

Matching of Rotor Bars and their repair can substantially reduce down time